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Paula Acethorp, MetService SMS Project Manager during the Implementation of SMS:

Screenshot from "Safety at MetService" video

Safety At MetService (4'20" video)

At MetService, we wanted to get our staff engaged with our SMS right from the start. Rather than just give them documentation to read or schedule a presentation to attend, we thought we’d try a different approach to introduce what safety means for the weather forecasting business.

We’d had success with using videos for internal communications in the past, being lucky enough to have our own in-house media and design team, so we thought we’d make an informative video for our Safety At MetService SMS implementation.

A lot of time was spent developing our 'Sam' character – thinking about how she could explain what safety at MetService was all about. We needed to make it relevant for all divisions of MetService – everyone from our aviation forecasters to our finance team. We wanted to have a humorous side to the video, so that people to want to watch it over again!

When the Safety At MetService initiative was launched at our New Zealand offices in October 2017, the video was a key part of that launch and we were so pleased at the response it received. Staff loved it and Sam has become a well-known face at MetService. We have even arranged for a 3D-printed statue of Sam to be our safety award for the person who shows the best commitment to safety at MetService – to be awarded for the first time during 2018.